We love 24 hour time telling, because after all there are 24 hours in a day (23 hours 56 minutes 04.09053 seconds if you want to get pedantic). However, using the 24 hour time method has usually been the realm of digital watches, which are fine for hitting the gym or a bit of casual threads. However, for class, sophistication, and dressing to impress a good old fashion clock face watch is needed.

Now we can get the best of 24 hour time telling and an old school watch design with the Slow Watch ($240+). The face sports just one hand and is splits into 24 hour segments with smaller 15 minute segments contained within. Believe us, it is not nearly as hard to tell the time as you may think and in fact it is easy. This is some high end stuff too, with a Swiss Made Ronda Caliber 505.24 GMT and a contemporary design that oozes luxury.

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