Getting a flat when driving is a royal pain in the ass, but the truth is swapping out a tire on the aspahlt is really easy, espcially as most cars feature their own metal jacks. However, what if you like to leave the tarmac behind and drive on some losser and softer stuff? If you have tried changing a tire on gravel, snow, or sand then you know what a nail pulling and nearly impossible experince it is.

Not anymore though thanks to the Bushranger X-Jack ($212+), a compression jack that spreads the load and does not place it at one point. Looking like a big inflatable cushion, the Bushranger X-Jack needs just 2-inches of clearance and automatically inflates thanks to a powerful air compressor (the exhaust can also be used). The X-Jack has a 4 ton lifting weight and can put 30-inches between your car and the ground, plenty to get yourself underneath if you need to.

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