This vintage framed photograph of American USA soldiers right after WW II ended and was taken at Fort Bragg March 14, 1946. It is in the originak wooden frame with orginal old back and picture wire.
Measures appx 9 x20 inches
The photograph is on fiber based paper and has helf up well over the last 65 years. There are no yellow or water stains that I can see or other marks on it. However the photograph has wrinkles in it (not sure how those got there)
I would take the back off and wipe it with a cotton rag and then reframe with a new back OR some new fiber board behind it.
The frame is a black wood. It is not broken, but shows some chippiness here and there and wear from age, also on the bottom looks like it rubbed against another piece of brown wood, probably in storage.
This photograph set in a vintage category overall I would say is okay because of waviness and wrinhles, however, compare to vintage photos with yellowing and water damage
I would rate it VERY NICE. It can be cleaned up to display in your favorite library of history room.
As a person who trained in Large format photography, it amazes me everytime to see how perfectly sharp every detail is in these photogrpahs/
Its a special photograph because of the location, the date and because there are interesting details in the back like transportation and housing:)