If you don't want to always look around for a measuring cup, a Redditor shared a neat trick to make permanent markings on your metal pot. Most of the items needed should be in your house, or you can pick them up for very little. Here's what you'll need:P

1/4th cup vinegarP
1/4th teaspoon saltP
9 volt batteryP
Adhesive stencilsP
Make a solution of the vinegar and salt. As the uploader mentions, the method uses electrolytic acid etching, basically removing metal from the pot. You'll need to hook up the positive lead of the battery to the pot and the negative lead to the Q-tip. The negative lead has to be attached in a way that it touches the vinegar solution when the Q-tip is dipped into it. To make the etchings, just dip the Q-tip and scrape it against the pot. P

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