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  • JakeLonergan

    JakeLonergan 7 years, 5 months ago

    Time certainly wants to cast an evil pall over this story. But even bad guys like Stalin can do good things and this was a good example. At a time when we continue to reduce the desire to physically compete in kids and remove any sort of physical training for school kids. This from the soft kids who felt "bullied" or "uncomfortable" with their lack of sports ability and have now taken over running those same schools and allowed them to remove what made them so uncomfortable from schools. I was one of those soft kids but school forced me to face it and improve. That first (and only) pull-up in seventh grade, the first time I reached the top of the climbing rope in tenth grade, improving in sports like basketball and baseball and then playing some pretty good tournament tennis were all proud accomplishments for me when I'd be allowed to just avoid PE if I were in school now. Don't tell me it's not true, I have a son in the eleventh grade in the LAUSD and it was quite a proud moment for me when he made the football team last season. I taught him the sports basics but he had to realize that improvement by his own self was necessary to get really good at something. Sadly, I believe too many kids will not get the chance to see what they are capable of thanks to weenie school administrators. In this way, we will lose to countries like Russia. Or China. And it makes that soft kid inside of me sick. Dude, stand up to the bully! Learn to play a sport! Sorry, rant over.