This is a new Winery in Boulder Colorado. They specialize in Mulled Wine with a 22% alcohol level. My wife and I found it by accident. The Wine Maker is a former ski lodge owner from New Zealand. We had the privilege to purchase a bottle from his second batch. The link is from Facebook as he has yet to launch his website. But all his contact info is listed on the Winery's page. I don't know if he ships the bottles yet.

This is from the Boulder Wine Merchant

Michael Hasler is the winemaker and owner of this delicious new Boulder winery. As a former ski lodge owner, he found an affinity for mulled wine. As an experienced winemaker in Australia he decided to produce this perfectly balanced, chocolate and spice flavored red wine. It is delicious anytime, but particularly on a cold day or night. Come meet Michael and taste this comforting beverage.