"One family member saw an intruder standing at the back door, trying to break into the home. That's when at least three of the family members reportedly armed themselves.

One of those family members fired a warning shot above the back doors, telling the intruder to leave,

But the Penas tell police that the person continued to try to enter their home. Police say at least two of the family members then opened fire, killing the suspect in the kitchen area."

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  • Robochess 10 years ago

    I love the fact that 3 people armed themselves.


    • JakeLonergan

      JakeLonergan 10 years ago

      Lol! All three in this house would react similarly!

      This guy must have been drunk or high beyond rational thought or act, sounds like. Too bad. I hope this doesn't drag on as some sort of court case, for the homeowner' sake.


      • glen

        glen 10 years ago

        Yeah, I know laws get pretty different when it's someone who's inside your house vs. outside. That said, "in the kitchen area" sounds like he made it inside.