French car maker Peugeot got stuck in a rut just over a decade ago, gaining a reputation for solid but decidedly bland automobiles. The company has done its best to shake that stigma recently by offering some interesting designs, but still Peugeot is not where you go if you want new and beautiful. The new Exalt Concept would probably change that if it went to market, because here is a car that is massively innovative and stunning too.

Firstly, this is the kind of concept we could see reaching production, at least from a design perspective. This classic coupe look is elegant and charming, and it also looks ready for the production line, although maybe some of the fancier things included here would have to be left off. For example, Peugeot has made the front end of the car out of stainless steel and the rear from a manmade textile called Shark Skin. This helps with aerodynamics the company says, while the 1.6 liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine (good for 270 hp) and a 70 horsepower electric motor provide the grunt. This is arguably the best concept family oriented car we have seen this year, so keep it up Peugeot.

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