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Gents, I need some assistance and thank you in advance for your help. I am looking to replace my glasses and keep 'in style' with the latest without getting too crazy. I wear glasses out of choice over using contacts. I used to be in tune with the latest trends but now I'm a middle aged Dad that is less in touch of what looks good. Are there any sites that you folks would suggest for my search? Thanks again.


  • Chet_Manly

    Chet_Manly 6 years, 10 months ago

    Not exactly what you asked for, but I got PRK laser surgery about 4 years ago and it is the best thing I've ever done. I no longer get headaches from I'll fitting glasses. I can wear sunglasses all the time & working outside is so much easier on hot days, not to mention I hated lifting in glasses/contacts. Expensive yes, but I highly recommend it. Takes longer to recover from than LASIK but I felt it was better for me long term. I highly recommend the surgery option.