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This is one of the more fun pistols one can find. Mine came from Davidson's with rubber grips which are not shown or mentioned in any review I've read, and without the billboard on the slide. A big improvement. Does it have the amazing fit, finish and attention to detail my Sig 1911 has? In some ways yes and in some ways no. It has an amazing slide to frame fit to go along with a wonderful trigger. But it looks like a pistol that might have been made in the early 1900's or ground out during WWII. Not to say it's bad but it is probably what you should expect of a pistol less than half the price of a Sig or other high zoot 1911. But they did do the work right in the inner workings, as far as I can tell in use. But, yes, new sights might be in my future. At least a fiber optic front.

If you load low powered, economical practice loads you may have to boost the charge a little. The only extraction problem was directly related to those minimum powered 9mm loads I made using Winchester Super Field powder. These extracted well in every Smith and Wesson M&P and Sig I tried them in but the cases barely dribbled out of this guy. I corrected this by going from the minimum 4 grain load to 4.8 grains, which feel very similar to factory ball loads from PMC. Not sure why this is, the slide couldn't be heavier than a Sig P229, could it? And the spring is a single coil thing, not the monster double captured spring in an M&P. Odd, that. Ejector spring?

Hickok45 did a good review of this pistol recently, The ambi safety comment he makes is a matter of personal preference. I had one exactly like this (but stainless) installed in a Colt Officer's Model in the 80's so they've been around a while.

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