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Gentlemen, the first (and possibly only) alteration you may wish to make to your modern sporting rifle is the replacement of the mil-spec trigger with some brand of improved trigger. While my cousin went with the entry level two-stage Geissele trigger (an incredible improvement!), I decided to go with the two-stage Rock River Arms entry level trigger on my Vortex Diamondback 1.75-5x scoped 300BLK. A little less improvement but a whole lot cheaper.

While I'm sticking with the stock triggers for now in other MSR's, this one is designed to "reach out" a little more than the average home defense rifle and the smoother, lighter pull two-stage trigger makes a big difference as the yards add up. RRA's cheapest trigger is a true "entry level" item coming in at only $80 from several vendors on eBay but there is quite the noticeable difference over the stock trigger. It's even a little easier to install with the captured sear.

Want a pull like butter? Try some of the more expensive offerings from RRA, Geissele, Timney and others. I'm not a precision guy like my cousin and son are, more of a CAS/3-gun/IDPA type (I love to hear that steel ring!), so it's just a matter of hitting the target for me. I am sold on holo sights, laser designators and now the improved MSR trigger.

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  • JakeLonergan

    JakeLonergan 6 years, 7 months ago

    ps, I know this article isn't specifically about the RRA trigger, Nick mentions it and there is a good all-around argument for the improved trigger within.