Well what can I say about the most anticipated film of the year. Then again, I say this to a lot of movies. hahaha that I see. This particular movie, I was most looking forward to. While I can appreciate the language and the sexual manor of the whole thing, I did not understand NOT ONE Joke of the film. When ever a joke was cracked, the whole audience including my friend beside me was laughing his head off. There was I sitting "what does that mean". You'd swear I was a foreign student in a foreign land looking at an Non-English film or something. There was a "shit" scene, of which I found most vulguar. Says I to me friend, "Thank god I have finished my food". The basic plot, Will(Bird), Simon(Thomas) and Neil(Harrison) are all at home in England having their own personal problems, while Jay(Buckley) is living it up and sunning it up in Oz(Nahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh - Ill explain in a mo). Will is having social problems ie can't have friends. Simon is trying to breakup with his VERY CONTROLLING girlfriend. And Neil well he's Neil. hahaha Being the dumb one. heheheh. The three get an email from Jay who as I say is in Oz, living it up and sunning. Explaining he's living the highlife. With all the girls etc., and the house etc., He invites the three of them to Oz. Of which they head. When the lads arrive. They encounter Jay's "Real" lifestyle. He's living in his Uncles's yard NOT house, yard. He's working in the toilets. Something like that. They have several adventures. One such, they are out in a desert where they have NO water. Now, Neil being a dumbbie, suggests "Water sports"(This is where a gay or bi man sexually pisses on the other partner). Now Neil's sexuality is questionable(In my opinion), does so on Simon. The whole audience is in DISGUST. Yeaaaah u's heard me. DISGUST. For me personally as a gay man, I don't mind one bit. Just not the above ie the shit. Poor aould Neil had an episode of IBS - Irritable Bowl Syndrome(of which I won't go into detail). Another pure disguest for the audience was the scene whereby the women were shown to have penises, ie Lady Boys. The lads were travelling around the world(Prob back to England). THey stopped off in Bangkok, Thailand. When the film ended, the title appeared, says I to meself, perhaps they might show it. But it didn't. I'm talking about hte scene in the trailer whereby the lads pass a group of Aboriginals. They shout "Foyle Wankers" and they Aboriginals reply "Arseholes". I thought that was class. But guess what THEY LEFT IT OUT ALTOGETHER.
Overall I recommend it as long as you UNDERSTAND the jokes of the sexual manner.

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