While wandering through the local gun show yesterday I spotted a vendor who makes a custom line of flashlights. I asked him to point out all of them that use the CR123 battery and while showing me the lineup produced two green light flashlights. He told me he made them for hog hunters who didn't want to spook the animals with a white light. I quickly realized these were the lights we should have for most general use. Biggest talking point: they don't kill your night vision! He only had two there, one a 290 lumen tac light for rifle mounting and a 450 lumen hand held model made with hunters in mind. I bought the 290 model and it's a little bright for close interior use (unless you work around the edges of the beam) and I plan to contact him to see if he can throw a green bulb on maybe a 150 lumen output and maybe other custom uses. This is the direction of flashlights! More general info here: Difficult to believe this is one of the few models Amazon lists. Great for hunters, fishermen, cavers, etc. Really, anybody.

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