The short fim "Prelude to Axanar", looks fantastic! The production level is totally professional looking, the writing is clever and engaging, the effects are cinematic quality, and the acting is top notch!

Having Star Trek and Battlestar Galactia alums in major roles is a casting coup, and will thrill fanboys everywhere. Gary Graham reprising his role of Soval from Enterprise. J.G. Hetzler (General Martok from Deep Space Nice), Tony Todd (Worf's brother Kurn), Richard Hatch (Apollo on the original Battestar, and Tom Zerek on the rebooted BSG), and Kate Vernon (Ellen Tigh on BSG), all playing against type. Vernon playing a competent Star Fleet Captain, instead of her usual vamp roles. Seeing Hetzler and Todd out of heavy make-up, playing Star Fleet Officers, instead of their usual Klingon roles! Richard Hatch almost unrecognizable as a Klingon!

If the shot film is any indication of the quality of this proposed "fan film", I can't wait to see the feature length movie once it's completed!