A database you can query by state/county to see what .mil gear your law enforcement agencies acquired via Defense Logistics. My own county has 18 pages worth of stuff, including a half dozen helos and several pages worth of 5.56 rifles.


  • llmorris35

    llmorris35 9 years, 1 month ago

    WOW this is crazy. There is no reason a local law enforcement should have some of this equipment. AR-15s i can understand but mine resistant vehicles are over the top. Local law enforcement shouldn't have equipment the law abiding citizens in that county can't own. (with very few exceptions). Military is different. Our local law enforcement isn't military.


  • athens

    athens 9 years ago

    maybe for the militarization of local law enforcement. pretty sure FEMA will decide they need to do that for something. very scary! thank you for this post.