Yep, in the 7th grade I discovered Kiss. My first album of theirs was Destroyer and yes, of course I had to do the makeup. First it was water color paints, you know the cheap stuff we all had as kids, Peacock Paints it was. And of course I graduated to real clown grease paints I bought at the magic shop. And yes, in the garage (with the natural gas powered water heater and cans of gasoline) my friend and I in full Gene Simmons makeup, lighter fluid under our tongues would spit fire. We had pics of that too but fearing my parents would find out they were discarded. Wish so much I had them now. I do have a good pic of myself as Peter Criss... Anyway, here's a song, not a Kiss song, a Wilco song I don't much care for Kiss anymore. I think the one song of theirs I do still love is Cold Gin, heavy and kinda slurred. I also really love the cover Ace did of New York Groove. I ramble.

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