Wow, apparently I've been doing it wrong.

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    Nickolas 9 years, 4 months ago

    I only take delicate things and suits to the cleaners and have ironed my own shirts my whole life as a note to my opinion on this. I think it cost too much time and some money to dry clean/launder shirts. I buy the wrinkle free shirts from Brooks Brothers for years. They fit well, priced well, and are easy to clean and iron. But then again I am not a Lawyer or top tier Executive that may require the best shirts in the business although I speak with such folks often.

    Here are a few notes. If you iron at home buy a nice iron like Rowenta, these are built like tanks and turn 90 seconds of ironing into 30 and will last for years. In reality most men are on the road. Most men on the road when they iron and will not have a spray bottle. So take that out of the picture. Every hotel room has a functioning iron. Make sure it does not have crap on it and check the bottom before ironing. Like mine did last week. Looked as though someone had made a grilled cheese sandwich with it. My method is start with the sleeves, then the collar, then the front last. Less chance of wrinkling this way. Sleeves will always wrinkle first and they are last in importance.