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Why is it so hard to buy gifts for gamers? Because they’re always four steps ahead of you! By the time you’ve googled and researched the next hot game, they’ve already camped out overnight for it, critiqued it to their pals on Reddit, sold it online, and pre-ordered the NEXT cool game. This unBasket pays homage to the games they loved when they very first discovered they love games, so you won’t be disgarded for the next zombie-bomb-shooting-car-rodeo craze. Oh, and most of it is candy. You can’t ever go wrong with candy.

* Tetris Electronic Carabiner: Now available in take everywhere format, the Tetris Nano carabiner plays just like the original. Challenging, addictive and hours of fun!
* Gamer Unisex Socks: These Gamer socks are made in the USA of 75% cotton, 20% polyester, 5% spandex and designed to fit a variety of leg shapes. Unisex socks fit shoe sizes women's 6 - men's 12.
* Pac-Man Arcade Candies: Tin is shaped like the retro arcade cabinet and holds strawberry flavored Pac-Man Shaped candies.
* Nintendo Wii Controller Gum: This fun tin is shaped exactly like the Wii controller, but it’s filled with jawbreaker gum balls.
* Nintendo Controller Mints: Save the princess and knock your opponent out with this great looking tin. Shaped like a vintage Nintendo controller-practically to scale-it contains 2 oz of tasty peppermints inside!
* Mario Bandages: 15 assorted bandages that include enemy characters Bullet Bill, Goomba mushroom and Piranha Plant
* Nintendo Question Mark Box Coin Candies: Question Mark Box shaped tin is filled with strawberry coin-shaped sours.
* Nintendo Zelda Mints: Straight from the Legend of Zelda game, the tin is shaped like Link's shield and contains powerful peppermints.
* Sonic Chaos Emeralds Sours: Sonic shaped tin is filled with an assortment of cherry and apple flavored chaos emeralds.
* Space Invaders Alien Candies: Arcade cabinet shaped tin holds sour apple Alien candies.
* Playstation PSP Sours: Shaped like Sony’s PlayStation Portable, this includes sour candies.
* Donkey Kong Jungle Juice: Each 8.4 oz can is packed with enough energy to last until game over!

From time to time we may need to substitute an item (or a few) in one of our unBaskets. Any substitutions will be of equal or greater value and will embody the clever or unique vibe of that unBasket.