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While I'm down with the concept, which does me no good at our new rural home, the idea of paying $3700 for one of these (admittedly) sharp looking bikes sound more like a joke than anything else. They'd better be using the best possible carbon-fiber frame for this thing because buying a mostly Chinese-made bike at this price is NOT something I'm going to do. I'm starting to think that the price for some of these fad items (see also, organic food and solar power) is just a way some people to dip into the wallets of people they have brainwashed into thinking they must follow the new societal rules. Read: all guys must now be pussies. Don't get me wrong, I'm going to be adding a DIY solar backup to our rural house for a few hundred dollars but $125,000 to add a full system to the city house was just ridiculous. All the company really wanted was the state tax credit.

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