I popped along to see Fury. It was quite interesting. The plot was slightly confusing. The descriptor of the movies was confusing. Bottomline, you’d have to have read up about World War 2 in the past. I would have been thought some of it, in school alrite. Anyways back to the film, the film surrounds Don(Pitt), Bible(LeBouf), Norman(Lerman) who was recently added to the group, Trini(Pena), Grady(Bernthal). As I understand, they go from Town to Town fighting and fighting. Literally that’s the case. They encounter one town, whereby Norman and Don are at a house. And as Norman is so under stress and distressed. He plays the piano and a lovely piece. You can see the happiness in his smile. I found that heartwarming. Considering what he’s been through etc., etc., Sadly ALL but one perish in the final town. The Tank fell victim to a mine. So with that, they were stuck. One cool thing about the movie thou was we got to see INSIDE a tank. It was so awesome. So overall not bad a movie.

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