Great movie this was. heehehe. It centered around a guy by the name of Iggy(Radclife), who has fallen in love with Merrin(Temple). He then wakes up the next day, with Horns. He's so fascinated as to what they are. haahah. I found Daniel very hot in this film, ever since the Harry Potter & The Chamber of Secrets & Prisoner of Azbachakan. He blew me mind. heeheh. Eitherway getting back to the plot. Plot was very simple. A guy grows horns, and people give dark deep secrets. It is found when Iggy wakes up that his girlfriend Merrin has died and was brutally murdered. The whole town turns against him. So he hires Attorney Lee(Minghella) to help him outta of this. So he gets evidence. For obvious reasons, I ain't gonna say who the killer was. I'm delighted thou that this film actually lasted the FULL length of the film, I was the whole time, wondering I thought it was this guy, or that guy, unlike the Gone Girl(REVIEW HERE), where it was revealed who the "killer" was, then there was the twisted. When this guy was cleared I would say to meself who the hell was it then. ahahah. Eitherway at the very end, we are told. And so Iggy confronts the killer of Merrin. Lee, Iggy, Terry(Iggy's Brother)(Andreson) etc., are all lifetime firneds etc., It was slightly confusing in the scenes as to who was who. That's the only bummer. But bottom line, brilliant film. Great plot, great ending. One scene, thou I was so delighted, even the audience reaction thou, was that Iggy knew that the one of the cops was gay and he says and I quote: "Why don't you suck each oterh off". He continues: "some people will say its a sin, but I say its' just Human."

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