Well what an interesting movie, this turned out to be. Quite interesting. It centered around a guy Lou Bloom(Gyllenhaaal). He first started off as a thief. He was looking for a job. But failed numerously. He even went as far as to say, “If you want to win the lottery, you have to make the money to buy the ticket ” Great quote. So he instead, went around to various crash sites etc., etc., and sell his footage to KWLA. He even went as far as to “Look” for crimes or whatever by means of buying various items, of which one was which a Police Scanner. I never even knew it could be bought, but hey. hahhaha. He continued for a period doing this. He even went as far as hiring a guy Rick(Garcia). He asked basic questions, “Do you have a cell phone”, “Does it have GPS”. When Rick answered yes to all, “Congratulations you have got the job”. Now considering, he was homeless, “sleeping in a garage”, This was music to his ears. So the two continued on. They both got involved in a “home invasion crime”. This was the biggest blow. Now of course his job was totally illegal. Well thats just my opinion. I’m no TV Guru when it comes to legality etc., So bottomline great film.

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