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  • Nickolas

    Nickolas 8 years, 11 months ago

    Have you been to NJ,CT, or any "Blue" state? Yes, yes they are. If you are a "hunter" in these states you clearly are dangerous and/or a redneck.


  • OmecD

    OmecD 8 years, 11 months ago

    Excellent post.

    Unfortunately its true. More and More people have become far removed from the days where we raised, hunted, or grew our own food. In a sense we have become lazy and spoiled.

    What most people don't understand or fail to see is that hunters or gun owners contribute most of the money for wildlife habitat and the future of wildlife than do any other group of people. Due to the taxes on our firearms, ammunition, archery equipment, and the fees on our hunting licenses and tags goes towards habitat and species preservation. this is due to the "Pittman–Robertson Federal Aid in Wildlife Restoration Act"

    For those of you who are appalled at the thought that we still hunt and like to call upon on our roots and pass on our heritage, where we find the challenge of a good days hunt rewarding, remember we are doing for ourselves, what you can't do for yourself and need the government to provide for you. Yet we are called "Rednecks" by democrats and liberals in those funny blue states. Apparently they don't even know where the term Redneck comes from.

    Just remember if the SHTF and the government can't provide, those of you who can't will be asking a so called Redneck for help.