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  • skilletboy

    skilletboy 6 years, 1 month ago

    Secular tyrannical goverments alone have killed more people in just two countries, China and Russia, than religion ever did.

    China has almost killed off their entire population three times in its history.

    I grow tired of this anti religion crap.


  • egro 6 years, 1 month ago

    The problem is that there are a number of ideologies (religions, fascism, etc.) that cloud people's minds and lead to an us vs them mentality.


  • MarkBlemish

    MarkBlemish 6 years, 1 month ago

    I keep going back to an episode of 60 Minutes where they look for the roots of good and evil in babies and young children. There was an example with a toddler who favored the cereal Cheerios. The kid is introduced to a woman who also likes Cheerios and they hit it off immediately, think they're dating now. Next he's presented to a kid who loves Fruity Pebbles, Cheerios kid pulls a Glock 42 from the waistband of his big boy pants and... Rigid beliefs, likes and opinions seem to be a huge factor in not trusting the other and making it alright to kill him or her.


  • Titanheart

    Titanheart 6 years, 1 month ago

    A religion can't force a person to do anything. I am a religious man myself, a Christian. Throughout history you have people slaughtered in the name of religions of all sorts, even my own. The key word there however is people. Religion can be a terrible weapon in the hands of those with a bit of charisma, especially when "the masses" are uneducated, and thus easily controlled.

    If a Christian Pastor I know and trust took me aside and sincerely told me that God had appeared to him and instructed that I was to kill a man, I would not do so. That proves all on its own that religion is not the problem. End of the day if religion was responsible for death, then I would assert we would all be dead by now.


  • korny09

    korny09 6 years, 1 month ago

    I like the comments here.
    Let me use an illustration from Christianity.
    Crusaders have murdered/killed hundreds of thousands of people. For example, if Muslims or Jews didn't turn to Christianity, they were slaughtered.
    However, in the Bible, you see that Jesus teaches things such as "vengeance is mine, says the Lord, I will repay." -So a Christ-follower/Christian, is not to take revenge. Jesus teaches, "Love your enemies, do good to those who harm you." The exact opposite of the Crusaders. SO is the problem religion/Jesus, or is the problem people who claim to do things in the name of Jesus, although he teaches the opposite?
    I am also mindful that most of the Crusaders did NOT have their own Scripture, and were at the complete dependence of their leaders. If that leader had a godless agenda, or was a "wolf in sheep's clothing" than he could easily twist what was said & people were easily led astray.
    I am thankful that now we can have our own copy of the Scriptures, to read & study for ourselves, so we can be like "Bereans" and check out what a leader says to see if it aligns with what Jesus taught.

    Bottom line, people crave to be worshiped. And that leads to all sorts of problems.


  • chieffo

    chieffo 6 years ago

    What christianity does is bring a person to humility, the person has lots of wrongdoing, the punishment for them is flatly death not labor or flogging, God bears the punishment of the person saving the person the suffering of it, the person acknowleges what has happened can no longer live a prideful life with God like before, if he does it would be like nothing happened. you see its right here the thing begins can God who provided salvation for the man to humble him tell him to be prideful because he's got it, then pride would be guarrantee you're saved, this is not true. Just look at various religious incidents today its mankind meet false doctrine