A Group of friends, make a pact of doing a pub crawl of several pubs in Newton Haven. Gary(Pegg), Andy(Frosty), Steven(Considine), Pete(MArsan), They are in one of the pubs that they are drinking. A bit of poignancy in that, one of the lads, talks about how he was bullied when he was younger by the lad who came over to ask for the seat. It went really through him. So when Gary goes to the gents, he encounters very strange behavior in that the crowd that "he couldn't recongise" all attempt to attack the musketeers.The ppl are all looking at the guys very strangely. As it happens, the lads are explained to that they are all robots. Despite them knowing the truth Gary insists on completing the pub crawl. haha. Both Gary and Andy get into a further brawl. Whereby Gary pulls the Draught in a pub ie the World's End. It is then revealed that the Human Race is to be saved. Basic plot Gary is trying to gather up everyone from his younger days to finish off a mission: "1 night, 5 guys, 12 pubs, 60 pints". This is to all happen in Newton Haven. When they arrive, the towns people don't recognise em, and hence when the action begins. As it happens, the townspeople have been converted to Robots. Some have specified that Robots are "slaves"

Overall the film was fantastic. At first I was a bit apprehensive at first. In that I thought it'd only be just about drinking and getting drunk. Then at about a half hour into the film, it started to get excited. You'd have to feel for the Gary character as he's an alcoholic. But you'd have to admire him for one thing. He made a pact with the group when he was younger and he's making every effort NO MATTER the trouble he's in, to complete ALL 12 PUBS.

Great comedy was had indeed. One of the "Blanks" as they're known as or Androids "Andy, I want you inside me". He grabs the Wedding ring inside her "tummy" and then says "Cheers".

During an altercation, to stop Gary drinking his LAST pint ie 12th Pint, he pulls the wrong draught. So an Altercation occurs with words exchanged between the head boss as one would say

"We are the human race, and we don't like being told what to do. "
Asked what they wanna do, Gary replies "We wanna be free", we wanna be free to do what we wanna do"

"It is our basic human right to be fuck ups. This civilization was founded on fuck ups, and you know what. That makes me proud. "

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