The plot of the movie was quite simple. In that Dane(Massoglia), his bro Lucas(Gamble) and their next door neighbor with whom Dane possible fancies Julie(Bennett) all find a hole. How they come about it is simple. Dane, Lucas and their Mom Susan(Polo) have only moved in to the neighborhood. Dane is not so impressed with all of this. Lucas desires his bro's attention big time. So on one occasion, Lucas comes across Susan their next door neighbor and points to Dane's window. Dane ain't impressed with this, and sets about to kill him. heheeh. Then on the confrontation, they both encounter The Hole, as per title of the film. Now it would appear, the reason for the hole, is one word FEAR. They each all of a have a fear of something. Lucas has a fear of clownes, Dane has a fear of his father, and Susan has a fear of her mate who sadly passed away by saying to Susan "Why didn't you save me". They all have to encounter their fears each of em. And fight em all. When all has been completed, They open the Hole and as it happens, we all see the Pipe works of the house. Just about the film finishes, Lucas asks their Mom if she has any fears etc., As it happens she fears "monster is under her bed". "Oh dear what have I done " Lucas asks. The film ends on that note.

Now for the film actual review. I found the film was lacking in COMEDY horror. The channel I found this film on was to be of COMEDY horror. It was more creepy if you ask me. Then again, I found the horror aspect easy to digest. It was on my to see list.

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