Some good points here. Social engineering is a bit frightening.

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  • ahnyerkeester

    ahnyerkeester 8 years, 9 months ago

    He makes some good points but has a crappy attitude and assumes some things that aren't statistically supportable. Hubby comes home from work and shouldn't have to change a diaper? What about when both husband and wife work? Then whose job is it?

    Then again, how does Sandberg know what man are and are not doing in the home? Kinda creepy that the Facebook COO has this kind of information.

    Her "Ban Bossy" campaign was a bust, hopefully this one will be too.


  • philwaygrand 8 years, 9 months ago

    Personally, I hate the feminist bs going on. I dont know what they expect to gain because they already achieved equality. I believe they want to crush manhood all together.
    As far as the home goes, it all depends on the man and woman's situation. For example, Im a professional firefighter and my wife is a teacher. I work a 24 on 48 off schedule. During my time off, I take care of our 1 year old daughter and yes, do dishes, laundry, cook, clean, plus all the usual man chores. I wont lie, at first it was difficult to transition to this role. Before our baby, on my days off from the FD I did boat mechanic work. I went from working almost everyday to being cooped up in the house with an infant. Talk about culture shock.
    The point Im trying to make, my wife and I agreed that we would do this so she could keep working. I dont bitch about having to do house chores and change my baby's diapers all day. In fact, Im lucky that I get to raise my kids. Most dads are providers only and work, work, work, and dont get to see much of their children. So to all the feminists, Im a man doing the so called "woman's" job, and happy to be doing it. Sorry for the long post, but I just think this crap is ridiculous.


  • JakeLonergan

    JakeLonergan 8 years, 9 months ago

    Of course we are. Just watch almost any sitcom. The fumbling, helpless husband has taken the comic relief role formerly held by the wacky neighbor.