Film was fantastic. Great comedy was ensured. Plot was simple. The film started off with how the penguins Kowalski(Miller), Private(Knights), Skipper(McGrath) and Rico(Vernon) came to be. Most adorable film if u ask me. Awwwww.

Plot continues they encounter Dr. Octavius Brine(aka Dave(Malkovich) the Octopus). While the encounter ensues they meet North Wind. Again too adorable. North Wind consists of Wolf(aka Classified(Cumberbatch), 2 owls(Eva(Mahendru), Short Fuse(Keong) and a Bear(Corporal(Stormore). North Wind are also trying to run after Dave the octopus. The reason why Dave is running after the penguins is that he is trying to get the penguins to recall. After failing to recall, Dave recalls it for them. Dave and the Penguins are in a New York Zoo. However the Penguins steal the show on a constant basis. No matter what zoo they go to, they still manage to steal the show.

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