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We've revamped the layout for Gentlemint, as well as cleaned up quite a few things for you all. The ability to play videos on tack pages, cleaner look, and a mobile site that won't make you want to chuck your phone whilst on the Gentlemint. The post talks about our next steps.

Thanks to everyone who has sent us feedback, posted tacks, comments, and recommended the site. You all are the reason this site continues to flourish, and we couldn't be more grateful. Onward!


  • JakeLonergan

    JakeLonergan 6 years, 10 months ago

    Thanks for adding the ability to watch videos within the page, rather than leaving the site. You've always been good about that. I wish the baseball blogs I follow were better about it. While you do open a new tab for the original post once we've read the tack, maybe you should consider doing this right from the start, from the pages. I wonder how many readers wander off and never get back to due to the lack of open="new tab" on the home pages (Or whatever the code reads. My last site development ended about when HTML 4.0 came out so I'm totally out of the loop.).

    Now, if I could just become gluten intolerant. Maybe I'm not throwing myself into it whole-heartedly because gluten=flavor.


    • glen

      glen 6 years, 10 months ago

      That's interesting. Some people don't like opening any extra tabs at all, and we hear about that ;) What we've defaulted to is basically what most other sites like ours do and open external links in a new tab. But yeah, it's a tricky thing to solve for.


  • sam_acw

    sam_acw 6 years, 10 months ago

    I'm trying to get used to the new look before judging, I never like website revamps at the beginning. Personally, an option to display 4 posts going across rather than 3, but I understand it'd work worse on narrow screens.