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If you have a Just Right Carbine in .45ACP you may have experienced some problems with feeding. The advice given last year about bending the spring in the Glock magazine was somewhat helpful but didn't completely clear up the problem. Now JRC has this video our to show you how to make the complete fix (I hope). If you disassemble the gun and send them the mag well, buffer and the barrel they will send the redesigned parts to you at no charge.

Mine were sent back to me the other day so I hope to see them soon. I also hope this really does fix the problem. These would seem to be the parts to replace to fix this troublesome issue.

Turnaround time was very good so kudos to JRC for their expediency. Also for their diligence in finding the problem and correcting it. A reliable .45ACP carbine would be an awesome home defense weapon!

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