Very heartwarming. Great comical. Dame Helen Mirren's character Maria Altmann very impressive and outstanding performance. Maria only wants whats rightfully hers. The plot is very simple. She wants her Aunts Adele(Traue) painting by Klimt, back in her house. As she said at the very end, she had to "cross the Atlantic", "so my Aunt shall do the same". Austria won't let go of it that easily. Herbertus Czernin(Bruhl) helped them along. He was "proud to be an Austrian". I love these type of movies, based on a true story. Music by far was fantastic. When I was who it was ie Hans Zimmer, I was ecstatic. The film goes back and forward between Past life and Present Life. When Maria had to flee her country her father(Corduner) reminds "We shall speak in the language of your new home". That was really touching especially when ALL three hugged.

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