The film starts of with the "Twins" and we also note that the twins are master to a guy from Iron Man 4 ie the Mandarin, well the Mandarin's helper. One of the twins Quicksilver/PIetro Maximoff(Johnson), I instantly fell in love. Quicksilver superhero is he can travel at the speed of light. The other twin - Wanda Maximoff(Olsen), can manipulate minds etc., The Ultron(Spader) is born via Tony Stark(Downey Jr.) and THe Hulk(Ruffalo). Things get a bit eary thou when the pack of em are partying the night away, we see JArvis(Bettany) being killed by Ultron.

So all in all, the Avengers reuinite against Ultron. I found the film in general good. NOT the best of the series. Iron Man, Captain America(Evans), Hawkeye(Renner), Black Widow(Johanssen). Samuel L Jackson reprises his role as Nick Fury.

Two faults, I found about the film. One being, I actually at one stage thought I was watching Terminator series. With Terminator it was Man V Machine. Nothing different. The only difference was the plot. END OF.
And the second being, I felt a bit sad that e.g Hawkeeys' character is gone, as he's a family now. etc., Im allergic to change. haahah.

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