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  • Nickolas

    Nickolas 8 years, 5 months ago

    You have some decent posts on your blog, but I have to say something about your content. Most bloggers are like you and fail at the same trap of intellectual theft. Sometimes knowingly and sometimes not. Yes theft. The picture above is not yours. This was not taken by you and you do not have rights to this photo that I know of. If I am wrong please correct me. Why do I think this is so? You make no reference to the Photographer who did take this picture. His name is Robert Capa. Robert was a badass in his own right and a very talented and brave Photographer. In this day and age for some reason it seems OK to post a picture you most likely don't have rights too. Well, it isn't. These folks make their living off their work. It pays the bills. In Robert Capa's case, his younger brother did a lot to make sure to protect the work of his brother. This is not only the one picture on your blog Chad, it is the movies and other pictures that seem to be copy and pasted without regard to who owns that image. Many Photographers have given up their careers because of such common practices on the Internet. They have abandoned their talent in an industry that really did not pay that well to begin with.

    There may be the argument that 'one cannot find out the photographer/owner'. Well, this picture was easy. I found who took this picture by doing a Google search on 'earnest hemmingway with son'. In two clicks I had the Wikipedia site that referred to Robert Capa. If it is a picture you cannot find any info on, just don't use it.

    Again sorry to pick on you Chad, and you are not the only one. And if I am wrong, correct me. But you have no references on those items and causes me to think this.