Well what a film. If you were looking comedy, you were in the right place. Plot was quite simple. Was lovely and fantastic. The film opens with Ted(McFalarne) marrying his girlfriend Tami - Lynn(BArth). A year later they are having marital problems with arguments etc., SO a girl at the checkout where Ted works, suggests a child. As Ted don't have a d**k, they will have to adopt or IV. So they attempt to jerk off Tom Brady(as himself) in order to get a sample. However that's not a success. So they attempt a different solution, which doesn't come with its own problems. When they apply for adoption, it brings up an equality issue in that Ted is a "property" according to the Commonwealth State of Massachusetts Government. So John(Walhberg) and Ted go to a hot shot lawyer who then refers them onto a Junior Lawayer Sam(Seyfried). The three go against Shep(Slattery) who is representing the State. Sadly as Sam says all they want is "one word: Justice", they don't get it. So then they travel from Boston to Patrick(Freeman) in New York City. While all this is going on, Ted's nemesis from the first film Donny, Donny has a proposition, whereby they purposely loose the court case and pull a few strings. When they get Ted, they then want to find out "what makes him tick" and produce this for every kid on the planet. So getting back to Ted himself, they are in Patrick's Office and Patrick abruptly says he can't represent them as Ted has not shown any "emotion" or "inspired people". That's what humans do. All Ted's done is broke laws etc., So with this in mind, Ted is in Comic-Con in New York City where he comes across his nemisis. So in a bid to knock him out for once and for all, Donny releases a string or something and a part of the Star Wars costume space ship falls on John. Donny was meant to have killed Ted. So John takes a bullet. Now all of this going on, Patrick sees this on TV and represents them. So Ted is now on the eyes of the law a "personhood". So in reply to a TV Anchor's question: "Is there anything you want to say, Ted", Ted asks for Tami's hand in marriage: "Tami, will you marry me".

So to sum up, I was glad that they cut down on the use of drugs. I was totally disgusted with this in Ted, the first one. I was a bit apprehensive in seeing this, film, Ted 2. However was recommended in going so. GLad now I took aboard the recommmendation. Plenny of sexual references alrite, and very glad its LGBT friendly, hahaah.

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