There are other articles on NYTs etc. But it seems when you act like a socialist dictator and live in a real market (unlike POTUS), people will make their views known by walking out of their jobs or suing you.


  • Chet_Manly

    Chet_Manly 8 years, 4 months ago

    I read about this at a different site and it went into how the top performers were really left unsatisfied because the new pay scale ties high performers to minimum performers. Even a couple new hires who saw good bumps in pay commented that they were feeling uncomfortable not knowing if their work output was really high enough to merit that pay.
    I give the guy credit for most likely having good intentions, and I admire him taking a cut in his own pay, but he really did his senior and high pefoeming folks a disservice with this pay scale. Take the law suits away and I still don't see this being good for his company long term.

    A great example of the phrase: "the road to hell is paved with good intentions"


  • Robochess 8 years, 4 months ago

    I agree with Chet, the guy seemed to have great intentions.
    This whole equal pay thing, elevated minimum wage thing seems like a good idea, especially if you take reality out of the picture.


  • glen

    glen 8 years, 4 months ago

    Tricky business. I'll also add to the sentiment that it sounds like he had the best of intentions.

    I know that this is a really complicated problem, and my opinion is based on limited information, but it seems like he took one study about happiness and extrapolated his business plan off of that. In reality, each person has entirely different motivations for working hard and finding satisfaction with their job. Adding a bunch of "unearned" money won't make you happier with your job. Or at least, I think it wouldn't. I would prefer to earn the salary I made, based on merit.

    That said, I'm only a simple caveman... ;)