An interesting movie. Was quite amused by it. Plenny of comedy was a plenny. heheehe. The plot I was quite happy with. Was quite simple. A guy Scott(Rudd) of which I always mix him up with Ben Affleck, is a criminal. He is released from prison, and swears to go "straight", for his daughter Peanut/Cassie(Fortson). However, the bit I missed thou, was that Dr. Hank(Douglas) somehow hacks into the minds of Scott's friends Luis(Pena), Kurt(Dastmalchain) and Dave(T.I.). So he then is sent back to jail and Dr. Hank gets him out via his Antman suit. Yellowjacket(Stoll) is the villain in the film. I'm very impressed with the film, in particular the action ie the moves. The CGI could have been improved. There's been a promise of Avengers with Antman. That looks promising. My babe Falcon(Mackie) is donning his Falcon suit. He's quite a scorcher alrite. ahahah.

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