Hiring a moving company is an important decision that should be taken carefully. Most of the times people are in a hurry since there is no much that needs to be dealt with before moving that they end up hiring the first moving company that they come across. Result? Most of us end up hiring fraudulent movers.
If you have hired a moving company off late and want to rest assured that they are not fraud, answer the following questions
Does the moving company has a registered company name?
Did they provide you with Department of Transportation License?
Did they come to your place for estimating the belongings?
Did they show you their Federal Motor Carrier License?
Did the moving company ask you to sign any incomplete documents?
Did the movers ask you for considerable cash up front as deposit?
Is the DOT license no. not visible on their site?
Are the movers not licensed to move household belongings, if you have hired them for residential moving?
Are there many complaints against the company in the past?
Do they have company owned and market fleet truck?
Did they offer you insurance and value protection?

Genuine companies are registered. They always come for inspection of goods and provide a rough moving estimate. They would never ask you for any cash up front before they have provided you moving services. Unlike fraudulent companies, genuine companies always list their DOT license number on their site and have physical address and contact details to let customers reach them easily.

Be wary of fraudulent moving companies if you wish to make the most of the professional moving services.

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