Well what a movie it turned out to be. Kevin James who plays the President, provided a fantastic score. He brought along his King of Queens humor and laughter. I was literally breaking my sides laughing on a constant basis. It was activating my soar throat. Thats how funny it was.It basically tells a story of the classic video games that the Aliens mistaken to be destroying their planet. Adam Sandler who played Brenner, wasn't too bad. I'm not a fan of the actor. But in this case I found him to be at home. The film starts off with a group of young kids playing video games in the arcade. It is then announced at a convention that NASA is to send a Time capsule sorting a thing to Space. However the Aliens misinterpret and start attacking Earth with all they've got. They come in the shape Donkey Kong, Pac - Man etc., All the oldies. All the crew get together to save the world.

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