Well only one word came out of this movie for me. Mental Health. Well two. hahaah. I found the movie very heartwarming. The plot very confusing, but basically all over the place. I said to a staff member who has seen the movie, whom I know well, that you'd have to have a very good mental health ie not depressed etc., etc., You'd have to be very mentally strong. A girl Riley(Dias) moves from Minnesota to San Francisco. However her emotions are played upon. Emotions being Joy(Poehler), Sadness(Smith), Fear(Hader) Disgust(Kaling) and Anger(Black). Sadness keeps interfering with the Memories and the Core memories. And hence Joy and Sadness somehow get out of teh HQ, so they meet up with Bing Bong(Kind) and have many an adventures.

So overall, not the best movie from PIxar. However I can sense a sequel thou. So lets hope that'll be better. hahah

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