Well what can I say about this film. It was a good film. That's all I can say. It is unfortunate that it has been getting bad reviews etc., Well unfortunately I can agree. Another friend of mine was saying that their's action for about 5mins, how true is that. Great action between Victor/Doom() and the Four, namely: Reed(); Johnny Storm/BABE(Michael Jordan); Ben(Jamie....);Sue(); Great action, that only lasted for about 5 or 10mins if even that. The rest was all about the science aspect and the lead up to the aftermath. Like the original actually dealt with plenny of Action, no doubt, it also dealt with when the Four get infected, how they deal with it, and not only that how the PUBLIC deal with that. This film, ie the Reboot, did not deal with any of that. Its like the Four were in seclusion. One thing that really lacked was COMEDY. Every form of Marvel I have ever known, has always had some form of Comedy. However this one NOT ONE. I was surprised.

The film starts off with Young Reed and Young Ben trying to build a Teleporter for a Science Fair. Franklin Storm sees this and he and Sue, daughter of Franklin actually want the idea. So they go ahead. I was a bit lost with the government aspect. So then Reed is introduced to Victor/Doom who is said to have started the whole thing. My precious bundle of joy Johnny Storm(son of Franklin) is out car racing and gets into a car accident. So his father collects him and recruits him into helping the rest of the crew, to build this Teleporter. During a one night drunken encounter, Johnny, Reed and Victor. Ben(whom Reed rings him) go through the teleporter with a view of Going through and back within the night. However things go drastically wrong because Reed sticks his hand in some gueye stuff and it explodes. Everyone gets infected. Johnny has become the Human Fireball, Ben the Rock, Reed the Extender and Sue who discovers their ploy, also gets infected when they arrive back on Earth and it explodes. Sue has Invisibility capability. Reed then disappears claiming he is trying to get back to the way he was and the rest of them for that matter. Sue and Ben are tasked by the government to get Reed back. So afterwards when everyone is together, they now have to face their NOW rival former friend Victor or now known as Doom. Then the Four now need a new place and face the Government. Cleverly done I must say when the Government say "What happens if we say no", Ben/The Thing seen as saying I think its best you say Yes and My precious Johnny says"Just say Yes".

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