Hop tells a story of an Easter Buddy, whereby EB(Brand) is helping out with his Pops(Laurie) at the Easter factory. EB then grows up and insists on his interest in Drumming. Pops wants him to take over the family business. On the Human world, Fred(Marsden) is having an "intervention", whereby he is being kicked out of the family, so his sister Sam(Cuoco-Sweeting) helps him out with offering Sam's boss house that she is suppose to housesit. haahah. The Human world meets Bunny world when EB is knocked down by Fred. EB has been looking for a place in the human world, when he leaves Bunny land, after a having an argument with Pops. While Fred is throwing out EB, EB reminds him that he's the easter bunny claiming to fred that "He is special, not Oh, everyone's special, special", So Fred recalls a memory when he was a kid. EB's Berate Pink Bereats (Emergency Bunnys) are on the search for EB. So chaos ensues. heheeh Fred is framed by EB to escape the Pink Berates. Carlos(Azaria) leads a takeover from Pops. All is well now. EB, Pops and Fred all played the part in taking back Easter. haahah. So Fred has been inducted or "initiated". So now he and EB are "Co-Bunnys".

I just noticed with the credits that Huge Hefner played the voice of the Playboy Mansion. Like really in a kids movie???

So my thoughts on the movie, very nice, simple plot. Enjoyable. Can't really fault this movie, except for the Playboy Mansion scene. I felt there was no need for that in a kids movie.

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