A goldfish(Nara) is found by a human boy(Doi). The Wizard(Neeson) is found to be the father of the goldfish. The human boy calls it Ponyo hence the name of the film. Ponyo is captured by the Wizard. Ponyo's friends help get her back with the human boy. Sôsuke's mom(Fey) is gone and has been taken by The Wizard. The Wizard and the Ponya's Mom changes Ponyo back to a fish. However a clever old lady realises that Ponyo is actually in danger along with the mom and the Residents of a nearby Nursing home. So the Sea Goddess has a change of heart and turns Ponyo into human. IN order for this to happen Sosuke and the goldfish must "be on land and jump in the air".

So overall, not bad a film. My first time ever seeing the film. Yet I never heard of it or even saw it in cinemas. hahahah. I only saw it on my TV Guide and decided to check it out.

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