The film is very basic plot. Thats what I love about movies. Some I do like when you are left guessing, but not all the time.

A Transporter is required to deliver “Packages” around. All Packages are “required” to follow “guidelines” in case of car chases. His first trip to deliver robbers Packages to a guy. “Weight”, “Destination”, He continues to get jobs or “Transports”. However on one particular job, he receives a package to be delivered to Grenoble, France. He stops buy for refreshments and his car is blown up. As expected he gets very pissed off. This Chinese woman – Lai(Shu) was one of the deliver packages. HE delivers her. IN return he receives the package that blew up his car. So on a revenge warpath, he encounters Lai again. He is so annoyed. It is then revealed Lai involved in his personal life is actually because she tells Frank(Statham) that her Father and family are to become slaves in a shipment container.

I enjoyed the movie. Seen it a few times. Great action flick. No doubt. However I was lost as to the bit why Frank was late and yet Frank himself is punished by his car being blown up. So according to the film, If I’m late for something and that was MY rule, I should be punished?????

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