Well this film, was actually quite good. I had seen the previous Mission Impossible films and found them to be quite confusing plot wise and the technical aspects of it. However with this particular franchise, I found it quite easy to understand. The action was top notch, no question. I enjoyed it immensely especially with Plane scene at the beginning. Me with a fear of flying, I actually felt I was actually on the plane. So real it was. hahaah. My fav scene thou was with the Prime Minister(Hollander) and Atley(McBurney) when Atley's face was 3D Printed ontop Ethan Hunt's(Cruise) face. I thought that was class. When Prime Minster claims that Brandt's(Renner) hand is "So warm". We all got a great laugh. Brandt looks over at Atley/Hunt and hunter shows the face as much as to say deal with it. I thought it was class.

So now onto the plot. The plot as I says above quite simple. Ethan Hunt(Cruise) stumbles upon a group known as the Syndicate who has been described as: "An Anti-IMF",who's job is to take down the IMF and all that goes with it. It all starts off as I said above the plane scene. You'd wanna have a head for heights, no question. Anyways, Ethan gets onto the plane with the help of Ethan's buddy Benji(Pegg). Then afterwards a LOVELY score. It really was like a TV Series type as I actually learned of this lately. Hunley(Baldwin) wants to disband IMF competly and appears in a US Senate Committee. Classic line from Brandt is "I can neither confirm nor deny any details without the permission of the Secretary".He continuously states this when asked by the Committee. So a series of events occur. The Vienna Opera scene was a classic scene too. The Chancellor of Vienna is assassinated. I don't get the connection to it. They did explain the Istanbul and all the majors terrorist attacks. But that's about all I understood.

2D - Sound spectacular.
Pls note there are no extra scenes BEFORE the credits or AFTER

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