This guy right here!

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  • paratroopersmith 8 years, 1 month ago

    You sir are an EPIC asshat. Government programs help people everyday. People are victims of wall street, big business and other entities. People like you propagate ideas that are ridiculous, instead of trying to make things better, lets all ray to Jesus so he can fix it for us.


    • Titanheart

      Titanheart 8 years, 1 month ago

      I don't think anyone disagrees with ya there chief. Well accept me being EPIC, I mean I appreciate the compliment but I'm not all that special.

      I'll watch the video again, but I'm pretty sure Mr. Ramsey there outright states that various entities oppress people all the time. Seems to me that encouraging people to stand up and take an active role in their own lives is pretty reasonable and not ridiculous at all. I didn't see anything in that video that stated government programs were bad either so not sure what got your panties in a bunch, maybe a misunderstanding of what the guy is talking about?

      Surely you aren't just having a knee jerk reaction because the guy is a Christian. Pretty sure they are allowed to have opinions, but hey I could be mistaken.


      • paratroopersmith 8 years, 1 month ago

        At 1:00 he makes in very clear that people are not victims in his opinion, he then goes on for the next minute, minute and a half or so to explain how he was victimized by a company. He then basically says he is too lazy to protect his rights by legal means (which he would be awarded legal fees in contract disputes if he is right; so he is wrong from the start in wasting his money, further more he is uneducated, ignorant, full of crap or lying to try to align his perceptions with reality). So basically he is refusing to stand up and take an active role in his own life but preaching at others to do so/and how he can help in their own. He talks throughout the video about how government/programs don't help people and wont solve your problems but he can teach you how to; for a small fee I am sure. He is not offering to help people, he is selling something. And quite dangerously as I might add by recording a video while driving. I have a full understanding of the crap this guy is selling. He is attempting to sell something, through varied means of building rapport and using power words. He is the typical snake oil salesman of the digital generation. And at that he is a bad one.

        Furthermore, no I am not having a kneejerk reaction because he is Christian; I care about right and wrong and helping people. I don't need to go to church to do so. He is preying on week people with promises he cannot fulfill and using a lot of double talk. He is an EPIC asshat and his drivel should not be propagated by anyone .

        Lastly, I was not calling you an EPIC asshat; I was referring to the man in the video; but feel free to make this all about you.