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  • ahnyerkeester

    ahnyerkeester 4 years, 1 month ago

    This is cool but I have a few reservations. First, don't quote a politician as an authoritative source on technology. Second, I doubt that Sky News made the mistake of using "White House" as a single word unless they did not mean the US President's residence. And did Scotty or Geordi LaForge write this copy: "The shoulder-mounted gadget utilizes a smart framework that bolts onto a drone, helping the administrator in terminating and focusing on." Techno-babble!! These little things harm credibility.

    Second, in the video it only worked if the drone was hovering and not maneuvering. The "lock" drifted if it moved.

    Third, while the projectile may be smart, actually throwing a net around a flying object like that is highly complicated! Ask anyone involved in the Strategic Defense Initiative. That leads me to think "$$$$$" when I see the video.

    As cool as this is, and it *is* cool, might it just be easier to hit a drone with a sniper rifle or a good shotgun blast? I guess it depends on how densely populated the area is. You probably couldn't do that in a stadium or arena but at an airfield it would work.