An interesting read and perspective. I still have not formulated an opinion on this one, but I am thinking on it.


  • jordan

    jordan 7 years ago

    I live in one of the blue pockets surrounded by a massive sea of red, and this article makes complete sense.


  • BenW

    BenW 7 years ago

    That was a pretty great article. It's also, for those complaining about the electoral college, why that system was created in the first place - so that population centers couldn't rule the entire country. If California did what Maine does, nearly half of its 55 votes vote likely go conservative every election vs fully on the "D" side every time.


  • Chet_Manly

    Chet_Manly 7 years ago

    I thought he did a good job of seeing the situation from each side. He had an interesting perspective, may we all one day be blessed with the same.

    I believe he could add a number 7 to his list. I have noticed an issue that has a made deep impact upon the small town areas: a perceived threat religious freedom. Pence being on the ticket helped Trump in this. Small town America has seen the court force a bakery to pay some $175,000 in damages for opting out of a ceremony that goes against their religious convictions. I believe the author neglected to mention that this activism likely worked to trumps advantage. When churches tend to be the center of many social activities, don't attack that institution. Recognize the victory of gay marriage and leave it at that. I think using judicial/policy (whatever you want to call it) activism to bludgeon small America into participating in gay marriage will only worsen the situation. Most small town people I know will tolerate pretty much anything other people do just don't try to force them to like it or participate in it.

    My $0.02 from what I've observed. And a very worthwhile article, thank you for posting.


    • bean

      bean 7 years ago

      To spring-board, Chet, I insist that it would help all involved to define some terms.
      1. Life, liberty and the PERSUIT of happiness. Not the GUARANTEE of happiness. I heard a conservative comedian make this point once and never forgot it. His name is Brad Stein (not to be confused with Ben Stein- BUELLER?). He points out that we are only constitutionally guaranteed two things, life and liberty. The third guarantee is only a persuit. Its hard and lartely up to us how we end up in that QUEST. The liberal agenda seems to attempt an impossible task in guaranteeing and engineering happiness to everyone.
      2. Tolerance. We have lost the true concept of tolerance. The activists of the 60s and 70s are todays teachers and professors purveying to young impressionable minds that to be tolerant means to agree. Which I believe is the subtle reason for tuition free college, to pilotically and societally induce a particular worldview. If you can control what people read, and you can control what they think. If you can control what people think, you can control how they act. Back on subject, tolerance inherently implies disagreement. It just simply means I dont kill you for your belief. I am not required to like nor even listen to your opinion and neither are you, mine. I am, however, required to disagree PEACEFULLY. Jonathan Turley put it best on FOXNEWS when he said that "we have a generation of emotional hemopheliacs". These cant cope with disappointment and disagreement. They have no real sense of civility outside of their own dictation of reality. Their morals are subject to their social agenda. They are tolerant as long as people believe the same as them.


  • sam_acw

    sam_acw 7 years ago

    Great article.
    Because of demographics the Democrat party hasn't had the same interest in helping the rural population as it does minority ones. There's also not the same 'Danegeld' element with social programs - no body is worried about a riot in a village, everybody is worried about riots in cities so will try to do enough to keep the situation from bubbling over.


  • KPS

    KPS 7 years ago

    Fantastic article, thanks for sharing. I came from a similar situation and moved to a big(ger) city but it's easy to forget that not everyone makes it out and we still need these people because they're the backbone of this country.