David Desmond couldn't believe his eyes when he walked into the Brentwood Chipotle and saw a gleeful sign advertising a 300 calorie chorizo burrito. It was too good to be true. 300 calories? In a burrito? And it came with white rice, black beans, fresh tomato salsa and a sprinkle of cheese? Surely, something must have been wrong...


  • trigjoh

    trigjoh 7 years ago

    So stop eating when you feel full. Take the rest home. Two 300 calorie meals for the price of one.


  • MarkBlemish

    MarkBlemish 7 years ago

    First I was going to say how do you prove in a court of law that you felt too full? That said if it's false advertising it's false advertising and it should be pretty easy to figure how many calories are in something. That said I totally agree with @trigjoh, cut the thing in half, two for the price of one.