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Knowing the Poke is a satirical site, I was initially dubious on this post. But seems legit. And eloquent. What disturbs me is the one response to the review claiming that someone bought one of these for work so his colleagues could enjoy the 'benefits'. Seems like waaaay too much sharing

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  • Nickolas

    Nickolas 4 years, 3 months ago

    Sorry but China is 95% squatty potty. As in hole in the ground. No matter how I tried, for the two weeks I was there I could not let loose my payload. It was a painful two weeks. I felt bloated.


    • skilletboy

      skilletboy 4 years, 3 months ago

      I had the same experience in my travels to China as well. For one I never could quite squat that low and angle my pants so they weren't right beneath the "drop-zone". I just had to make sure I could find a western toilet or I went in the hotels anytime we left and immediately upon return.

      So, I'm a oafy white dude my wife is a short Asian woman. We've discussed how I think there is a genetic trait thing happening here, like those who can roll their tongue and those that can't. I have found that most Asian people are able to squat with their weight fully on their heels and their butts hang behind their feet. Most white people squat like when lifting, with the weight either on the middle of the foot or on the balls of the feet.

      It's really a drastic difference. And for the Chinese it's so easy for them to squat this way they often refer to western toilets as "old man" toilets because they can only imagine you'd need one if you're infirmed.