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Might have been posted before, I know I have seen it before but I thought it was still relevant. Do not worry so much about the Russians.

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  • elancaster65

    elancaster65 4 years, 1 month ago

    It merely perpetuates the me, me, me mindset of selfish people. Moreso now that the millenial generation, which more so than the Boomers or Tweeners or Gen x generations, comes to represent. Look at the founder of FB. Look at who programs Google, Yahoo, HuffPo, etc.

    These are young (relative to me!) 20-30 somethings who were raised in an atmosphere that catered to their (nearly) every whim in order to maintain their self esteem. It is only logical that this mindset carried over into the main industry they've become leaders in.

    My boss, who is only a decade younger than me, mentioned at our last meeting that this generation doesn't care HOW the information is gained just that it is available NOW. They don't care about the underlying work that goes into making the product, they just want the product to work.

    And they want it their way. They are not interested in the opposing view so much as they are interested in what supports their view.

    I found this to be a bit startling when my own son decided to do research on pot usage. Every where he looked on line was somewhere that supported his claim. He rejected any and all info that contradicted his view. I found this surprising because that's not how he was raised. I taught both my kids to not only look at what supported their beliefs but be like the Bereans and search to see if what they believed was true and to filter what they find through the lens of true truth.

    Unfortunately my son abandoned that idea because the school system, despite my and my wife's best efforts, contradicted that philosophy in favor of moral relativism.

    As a pilot I travel a lot. Google, FB, et al are very different in California as opposed to Texas as opposed to Florida as opposed to Calgary as opposed to...well you get the idea. When I'm in Canada, 90% of the links end in dotCA. Not surprising. When I was in Ireland, 90% of the links ended in dotIE or dotUK.

    Again, not surprising.

    Take a moment when you surf, when you're on FB and glance at what the algorithm is trying to sell you. A single friend of mine gets nothing but ads related to hot Ukrainian women who want to meet him. He's neither Ukrainian or in the Ukraine. But his profile says Single. Therefore he must be looking. Right? Or maybe the all mighty advertising dollar plays a part? Probably.